This is the master page which lists all "Timed Quests" that may be released in the game. Currently there are 3 major categories of timed quests that may pop up during a player's game.

There are weekly timed quests which are generally released throughout each week beginning early on Tuesday mornings. You can find those listed here and the newest will also be linked to the Main page each week. This category has 3 different player levels.


Then there are what we refer to as "Timed Expansion Challenges" (TECs) that pop when a player opens some of the expansion areas. Click here for a (sortable) Full List

There are also "Experience Timed Quests" which may pop when a player reaches a new level. Click here for a (sortable) Full List

When a quest pops up it may be timed daily or weekly. It is best to look at the screenshots in this NRC Wiki to make a plan for your quest. All of the timed quests are OPTIONAL. None of these timed quests are required to continue the game, and are meant as extra challenges to make the game fun with nice rewards! Once a quest runs out of time it is done.

(Hint: Pay attention to your progress, or more than 1 timed quest may pop at the same time)

Tic! Toc! Happy Questing!

Dragon Princess' Tower, Halloween Island, or Druid Dinosaur

Greek Tenement, Mask on Pebbles, or Succulent Terrarium

Halloween Stand, Costume Rental, or Tree of Cats

Fairy's Corner, Candyfloss Island, Art Gallery Interior, or Dragon Princess Tower

Tower of Pizza, Cookie Estate, Dancing Mouse, or Panda Dessert

Picnic Hill, American Diner, Fashion Design Studio, Chocolates Store, or Panda House

Chocolate Island, Cavemen's Island, or Candyfloss Island

Cloud Ship, Cat by the Water, or Cactus Family

Banana House, American Pegasus, or Steampunk Ship

Spring Birds, Panda on a Swing, or Hamster Island

Easter Island, Irish Fox, Sheep in Lupine, Artistic Cat, Cloud Ship, or Ice Fox

Bear Waking Up, Panda House, or Animals House

Aztec Ship, Dragon Kingdom, or Dragon Ship

Pirate Island, Kangaroo Valley, or Globe on a Pedestal

Tigers' Island, Cactus Park, or Wild Village

Ocean Cleanup and Eco Island

Tree Skyscraper, Fan House, or Tree Mansion

Watering Can House, Earth In An Aquarium, Peony House or Dino Rollercoaster

Apple-Pie Island, Fortune Cookie Store, or Bird Island

Animal Spa, Senior Disco, or Health House

Hipster Cat Lady's House, Roof Garden House, or Watering Can House

Chinese Restaurant, Capitol House, or Lemonade Factory

Fan House, Police Officer's House, or Empire State Building

Potion Factory or Fashion Design Studio

Flying Dog, Dog Island, Mass Media Island, or Animal Island

Walk With Corgis, Police Dog, or Dog House

Texas Dog, York Cheerleader, or Pet Accessories Fair

Dreamer Island, Art Gallery Interior, or Mass Media Island

Talk Show, Abstract House, or Pretty Squirrel

Mask Theatre, Wedding Venue, or Flower Garden

Water Pen, Oceanarium, or Ocean Cleanup

Orca, Water Mud Hut, or Water Pyramid

Dancing Shark, Earth in an Aquarium, Sirens in Aquarium, or Moon House

Sloth Pen, Panda Island, or Red Pandas Reserve

Cat by the Water, Walk With Corgi, and Animal Spa

Cycling Bear, Monkeys in a Hot Spring, or Dino Teddy

Scenic Hill or Beach Volleyball Island

Summer Dragon, Hawaiian House, or Kite Scarp

Summer Penguin, Balloon Travel Machine, or Picnic Hill

Candy Factory, Cookie High-Rise, or Lemonade Factory

Juice Bar, Ice Cream House, or Panda Dessert

Charming Coffee Shop, Fruit House, or Waffle Truck

Cavemen's Island, Ski House, or Beach Volleyball Island

Baseball House, Rodeo House, or Dancing Mouse

Wild Village or Colosseum

Cupid's House or Chocolate Island

Cookie Estate, Panda Dessert, or Wedding Venue

Waffle Truck, Romantic Dinner, or Chocolates Store

Dog Island or Apple-Pie Island

Senior Disco or Tower of Pizza

American Pegasus or Steampunk Ship

Mammoth Island or Ship House

Chinese Water Palace or Fishermen's Ship

Frog On Water Lily or Sirens in Aquarium

Animal Roundabout or Cavemen's Island

Semi-Detached House or Baseball House

Coffee Roasting Plant or American Diner

Animal Island, Spring Birds, or Cap and Bells Tower

Art Nouveau Tenement, Fan House, or Dancing Mouse

Peony House, Llama Dragon, Jack in the Box House, or Moon House

Ocean Cleanup, Dragon Ship, Ship House, or House Inn

Leprechaun's House, Pizza Stand, or Rainbow Slide

Sirens In Aquarium, Frog On Water Lily, Dancing Shark, or Earth in an Aquarium

Dragon Pinata, Flying Dog, or Candyfloss Island

Rainbow Slide or Leprechaun's House

Dino Rollercoaster, Waffle Truck, or Dinosaurs in the Pool

Memorial Tree

Dino Hero

Souvenir Shop

Flower Fan

Dino Mom and Child

Leisure Island for Moms

Dragon Pinata

Cactus Family

Cactus Tenement

Music House

Dancing Vixen

Hawaiian Dance Studio

Continental Tree

Globe on a Pedestal

Earth in an Aquarium

Stack of Artistic Materials

Artistic Cat

Fashion Design Studio

Easter Tree

Dressed-Up Chicks

Egg Hunt 2020

Dragon Princess' Tower

Flowers on a Flower

Jack in the Box House

Spring Birds

Sheep In Lupine

Roof Garden House

Saint Patrick's Tower

Irish Fox

Rainbow Waterfall

Panda On a Swing

Panda Dessert

Panda House

Green Woman Statue

Pretty Squirrel

Changing Room

Druid Dinosaur

Wizard Dinosaur

Dinosaurs in the Pool

Cap and Bells Tower

Mask On Pebbles

Mardi Gras Block

Valentine's Day Fountain

Valentine's Day Plant

Chocolates Store

Raccoon with Pizza

Pizza Stand

Pizza Box House

Groundhog Pen

Groundhogs In Bed

Top Hat with Groundhogs

Fortune Cookie Store

Dancing Mouse

Mouse Park

Ice Skate Store

Ice Fox

Animal House

Carnival Tower

Ostrich in a Carnival Mask

Brazilian Carnival Ship

Ice Disco Club

Mouse on a Firecracker

Ice Floe Party

Christmas Arbor

Ice Spiral

Christmas Carousel

Christmas Tree Store

Yellow Bauble

Snow Globe Town

Candy Factory

Turtle the Bobsledder

Ice Floe House

Saint Nicholas in Hot Chocolate

Saint Nicholas Giving Gifts

Snowboarding Turkey

Thanksgiving Meeting Hall

Hedgehog With A Chestnut Hat

Autumn Exhibition

Large Carrot

Pole Vault

Autumn Swing

Autumn Ship

Vampire Bear

Pumpkin Party

Giraffe Mummy

Halloween Ship

Full Hamster

Food Pyramid


Microscope House

Animal Pyramid

Masquerade Contest

Bavarian Waiter Bear

Big Beer Mug

First Grader Rabbit

Broom Race

Hurt Bird

First Aid Training

Grandpa Dinosaur with Grandchild

Porch Hut

Working Dinosaur

Stone Throw Competition

Woman Fountain

Amazons' Island


Sand Fortress

Arcade Game

Youth Island

Dragon Rumors

Birthday Party

Dinosaur With A Donut

Dog Training Ground

Ice-Cream Stand

Cliff Houses

Cocoa Tree

Chocolate Cake House

Motorcyclist Convoy

Superhero's High-Rise

Fishing Bear

Fishing Competition

Cat Playing the Koto

Violin Fountain

Hunting School


White Whale

Ocean Treatment Plant

Children With Pig

Play Fort

Uniformed Dinosaur

Veteran's Stories

Armored Dinosaur

Museum of Architecture

Pangolin Mother and Baby

Nail Studio

Experience Challenge: Shark Crew

Donkey Pinata

Mexican Parade

House of Books

Reading Room

Pterodactyl In An Eggshell

Experience Challenge: Moment of Peace

Big Egg Construction

Rocket Boat

Cosmic Carousel

Ram the Physician

Experience Challenge: Ent Forest

Healthy Food Fair

Water Spraying Flower

Pranks Stand

Experience Challenge: Jelly Bean Shop

Spring Flowerbed

Gnomes' Balloon

Gnomes' Concert

Experience Challenge: Sporty Animals

Fox With A Wreath

Interior Design Studio

Feathery Dinosaur

Dino Parade

Experience Challenge: Stationery Shop

Bee With A Book

Spelling Contest

Valentine Box

Valentine Island

Experience Challenge: Lemur Family

Chinese Pig Park

Groundhog Burrow

Challenge: Clothes Store

Waiter Sheep

Pastry Shop

Snow Panther

Hot Beverage Stand

Challenge: Seal Family

Carnival Ball

Fireworks Cart

New Year Clock

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