Around the end of February 2017 the developers introduced a new type of timed quest challenge.

We refer to these as Timed Expansion Challenges or TECs. These challenges are tied to different expansions, and are prompted by a player opening that expansion area. Also, if a player has that area opened before the challenge is introduced, they will automatically be prompted to do the challenge.

Note: Both columns may be sorted alphabetically by using the arrows next to the column title. If you know the area you want to open, you can search for it easily.

Timed Expansion ChallengeExpansion Area
A New JobGlade 2
Air TransportGlade 3
Astral AnimalsSavannah 6
Cat FamilyGrasslands 4
Clean StreetsRocky Meadow 2
Dinosaur Paint ShopHill 1
Driving LicenseTaiga 5
Extreme BusinessBy the Water 1
Eye DoctorMeadow 3
Fashion ShowSands 3
Food BoothLow Shore
Fresh FishWaterfront 2
Friendly ElementalsSavannah 5
HandmadeSands 2
HandymanWaterfront 1
Hidden In The DeepThe Deep 3
Honey KingdomDirt 1
Meditation SpotDesert Cliff 3
Merchant VesselPlateau 1
Mushroom ShopGrasslands 3
New DishSavannah 11
Obstacle CourseRocky Meadow 3
Outdoor CookingGrass 1
Pet ShowStone Gate 1
Philharmonic HallGarden Square 3
Problem of the OceansThe Deep 1
Pterodactyl MailTaiga 2
Roller Skating ManiaGrasslands 5
Rubbish RowMeadow 2
Secrets of MedicineSavannah 12
Shooting GameGreen Patch 1
Silence on SetStone Gate 3
Stone BingoTaiga 4
Stork PostGarden Square 2
TardinessFields 3
The DiveCoast 1
The Kids' Secret FortTaiga 6
Two WheelsGreen Patch 2
Underwater TreasureWater 4
Unicorn FamilyRocky Highland 15
Urban BeachPlateau 2
Water AttractionsWater 5